Piet Brijs - Model railroad tour part ten

The end


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Nothing more to say. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Picture 1

The spiral takes the mainline about 25 cm higher, back to the level of the station of Bonn. After climbing the spiral the class 18 321 pulling the "Rheingold express" slowly enters the station.
Date: 27-06-2009

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Class 18 321 (27-07-2009) entering 
the station of Bonn
Picture 2

At the end of the tour we all need a very well deserved rest.
This seems to bee a good place. Sitting in a pavement, with a glass filled with what ever you like, where you can see, hear and smell the trains.
Date: 28-06-2009

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Pavement (28-06-2009)

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