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This software changes the Nintendo DS Lite into a Walkie-Talkie. Use a "SLOT-1" device to run this software (tested with a R4DS card)

If there is only one SLOT-1 card available then swap the card after starting Walkie-Talkie. The software doesn't access the card after startup.

Download: walkietalkie-0v3.nds


Walkie-Talkie is free software.
All of Nintendo's rights belong to Nintendo, but this software isn't part of it.

walkie-talkie main screen
Walkie-talkie top screen

walkie-talkie sub screen   walkie-talkie sub screen
Walkie-talkie sub screens

This is an update release. Fixed lost audio samples, added a shared drawing board.

There are some limitations: talking is limited to two persons at a time, and the Wifi connection limits the operational range to 10 meters inside a building to 30 meters in the open. But in feets its more!


The opensource development environment for the Nintendo DS uses a combination of GPL, BSD and public domain. Therefore I chose to release under what I believe is a BSD-like license.

Compile the source using devkitARM, libnds and liblobby. To compile, some changes to libnds and liblobby are required. For Liblobby, the hardware FIFO based IPC was replaced by IPC through shared memory, software based CRC was replaced by hardware CRC. Both changes increase bandwidth. The liblobby snapshot used to compile walkietalkie-v0.3 is included in the tarball. See the README for more info.

Source code: walkietalkie-src-v0.3.tar.gz