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A small playhouse

This playhouse was constructed for my daughter's second birthday. I had no detailed building plan, so the playhouse is a result of (little) design and (a lot of) improvisation.

Playhouse modules

Here you can see how floor and sides are created as separate modules. Forgot to photograph the roof. A test setup features my daughter inspecting the framework. Her name is Kes, named after the female Ocampa crew member in StarTrek Voyager. Yes, I'm a Techie but no, not a Trekky.

the first frame frame with window let's see if everything fits "fundamentals" playhouse floor too high? test setup: the door fits test setup: lot of windows front frame, ready for construction the blue department


The construction of the house.

floor and backside two sides looks like a house rain is wet beating the rain working on the roof time to add the blues almost done simple window locks door lock: wood, curtain rail and one nail

The result

The house as delivered on her birthday. Curtains, a window in the door and furniture didn't make the deadline.

playhouse view 1 playhouse view 2 playhouse view 3 Kes having fun on small desk (several months later)

Newer pics

Foto's taken in 2003, almost three years after construction. They show additional construction details and a few new features. They also show some wear and tear on the outside. Cosmetic problems, fortunately. Some paint and tuning here and there and the playhouse will be as good as new. If I only had the time...

curtains Switching 9 Volts from a Commodore64 power supply A carlight on 9 Volt roof top backside ... where roof, side and back meet corner with door the only place water had a chance window 4 - some paint please, and the door needs alignment