Golvellius (MSX)


The kingdowm of Aleid was a country surrounded by deep valleys. People lived in Aleid silently and peacefully. Their only problem was water. They had to climb down into the valley to get their water. One day, somebody saw a demon in the valley. The demon was seen by more people. This fact even made some people leave Aleid. The demon made Aleid Alexis, the king of Aleid, sick. According to the exorcist, the king needs the herb mear to recover from the sickness. So his only daughter princess Reena Alexis went into the valley, despite the attempts of people trying to stop her. The princess did not come back and people starting to worrie about her. Keresis, a travelling boy who happened to hear of this, decided to rescue the princess and he went down into the valley. When he reached the bottom of the valley, there was a mysterious cave with a dried up river bed.

Map: The Valley of Kingdom Aleid

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Translation of messages

G1Stab gravestones
J1Sorry. Nothing is here.
A2Go north to the cave of JESPA
H2FOTHBUS is in the large forest.
I2Be careful. You can easily get lost to the west of here.
K2Have you found the sword yet?
B3Don't PAUSE HERE! It's a joke.
F3Are you taking a rest here?
I3KILL TALBUR and I can help you.
B4GOLVELLIUS'S cave is over the river.
H4If your FIND MAX is over 5000, walk around.
J4Stab the single tree standing in the maze forest.
K4Stab the rock in the bricks.
B5Stab at end of the bridge.
D5Entrance of JESPA won't open if you break rock.
G5Meet DINA if you want more FIND.
H5I will give you some FIND.
I5Go west to cross the river.
A6Go northward.
D6Kill WALSO to get the shoes.
G6Stab the tree by the pond.
I6Are you trying to get more FIND?
J6Doubt the tree grows in deserts.
K6Meet ENNY when you want more power.
C7FIND MAX level is full.
E7The cave of HAIDEE is by the Seven trees.
F7The cave of WALSO is to the south.
I7Kill CYPA. The I with make you way.
K7Herb MEAR will help you.
L7Stab the end of the narrow street.
A8Walk through here instead of bridge.
D8Go north to corner of the river.
E8If you have the RING, you can break rocks.
J8You can hold 3 Herb MEAR at a time.
L8Don't go the other side of this river untill you get stronger.
B9Have you broken many rocks?
I9If you want to go to the other side of the river, kill DESVA
J9CRYSTAL 7 is far east.
L9You can't go to the GOLVELLIUS'S cave without having seven CRYSTALS
A10Stab a lot at the estuary.
C10You have all items. Hurry up!
D10Welcome to FOTHBUS forest.
G10You need the shoes to cross the sea.
J10The cave of DESVA is protected by blue bats.
B11The cave of HAIDEE is far south east.
C11Kill 10 enemies west of here.
D11Stab all the seven trees.
G11JESPA'S cave is in the island over the sea.
J11You need FIND to take the goods.
K11Kill enemies at the cemitary.
L11Wear the shoes before you go into a cave.
D12After killing FOTHBUS, go 2 screen east and 1 screen north.
G12Walk around on blicks without stabing.

Map locations

A1Cave 6 (JESPA)
B1Herb mear (1000)
D1Potion (10000)
H1Bible (500)
I1Potion (500)
K1Potion (5000)
L1Bible (2000)
C2Bible (1000)
G2Herb mear (1000)
L2Cave 3 (TALBUR)
D3Potion (1500)
G3Bible (4000)
L3Potion (2500)
A4Potion (1000)
D4Herb mear (3000)
E4Potion (5000)
G4Bible (3000)
I4Potion (1000)
L4Cave 2 (CYPA)
A5Bible (1000)
C5Potion (2500)
E6Aqua boots (20000)
F6Potion (2000)
H6Bible (3000)
L6Bible (1500)
A7Ramrus Pendant (6000)
B7Potion (2000)
D7Bible (3000)
G7Sword (6000)
H7Herb mear (500)
B8Herb mear (5000)
G8Legend Sword (30000)
I8Shield of Allsus (5000)
K8Bible (2000)
K9Cave 7 (HAIDEE)
E10Cave 4 (FOTHBUS)
K10Potion (1200)
L10Bible (500)
E11Herb mear (10000)
F11Vanish ring (10000)
H11Alesta pendant (20000)
I11Potion (500)
A12Cave 5 (WALSO)
B12Shield of Remidia (20000)
C12Bible (1500)
F12Bible (2000)
H12Potion (2000)
I12Zest boots (300)
L12Cave 1 (DESVA)


Sword strength 1. Your first sword.
Sword strength 3. You can't have this sword until you reach a certain strength level.
Legend Sword strength 7. It is said that the demon put a rock in this sword.
Shield of Allsus will protect you from bees' and spiders' shots.
Shield of Remidia will protect you from enemies 'shots on the ground.


Crystal: You need all 7 crystals to make the final miracle happen.
Potion: Your maximum power gets bigger.
Bible: Your maximum find gets bigger.
Zest boots: You are attacked by monsters but you can walk.
Aqua boots: You can walk on the water.
Herb mear: Supplies your power a quarter.
Ramrus pendant: Makes enemies attack half.
Alesta pendant: Makes enemies attack a quarter.
Vanish ring: You can vanish rocks.

Map created by Vincent van Dam. Many thanks to Albert Beevendorp for making a version of this map with all holes opened (current version). Thanks to Rieks Torringa for translating cell C11, other translations taken from the translation sheet that came with the European release. Go back to the MSX section.