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Ask Jeeves is the fast, smart, and easy way to find information on the web. It's the first natural language search service--with a massive Knowledgebase of 6 million answers to the most popular questions asked online. Jeeves also provides a metasearch option that delivers answers from five other search engines. Ask Jeeves is the future of web navigation.

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Ask Jeeves a regular question about anything at all and he will answer!

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altavista Altavista - The best Search Engine around, once you get the hang of it.
yahoo Yahoo! - Gives category an site matches. Categories are useful: you won't have to sift through tons of search results.
excite Excite - This is good one for newbies. Also has category an site matches. You can personalize the start page.
infoseek Infoseek - All-round search engine. Has category an site matches. Multinational mirrors.
lycos Lycos - Just another search engine. Switches automatically to the language of the user by redirecting to another site. (I don't like that, so I don't use Lycos very much...)
ilse Ilse - Search Engine for Dutch web sites.

Special search engines:

filez Filez - Filez weekly scans thousands of ftp sites around the world and creates a catalog of all the files they contain. Searching 75 million files takes less than 1 second!
dejanews Dejanews - Search the Newsgroup archives. And if you don't know what Newsgroups are, you really are a newbie!