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This page is divided into two parts: Links that are special are listed on top (with desciptions and pictures), other links are listed below.

Andy's Art Attack is known as a "One Stop Resource for Web Designers". Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Design, HTML, Java & graphics tips. www.andyart.com
GRATIZ.NL - Lots of free stuff and competitions. This site is in Dutch only. Gratiz.nl
The Free Site is the best place to find freebies, free stuff, samples. The Free Site
CW Lease is a Dutch car leasing company. They have an on-line Route Planner for Europe. CW Lease
Get your CD's here! CDnow!
Get your books here! Amazon
This is the funniest cartoon series around. Office life made rediculous! Dilbert Zone
Sometimes I think I'm stuck in this time period. (see my music page) 80s
This is my Grammar School, "Gymnasium Haganum". (In Dutch, 'Gymnasium' does not mean 'place to work out'. Rather, it is the highest form of secondary education.) Gymnasium Haganum
Is your URL too long? This FREE service makes it easy.to/remember! easy.to


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