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Last edited: 29 October 2001



Flashback: Here's how our earlier homepages looked:

Version 1 (1996)
Very straightforward, minimal graphics. We just had to have a homepage. (I could've used our bookmark file for that) Our first homepage
Version 2 (1997)
This was the page with the 'clouds' background. It looked great.

If only the subpages looked this good, I would've kept it...

Our previous homepage


Programs and institutions I recommend to create web pages (in random order):

Great tool.The Swiss Army Knife of HTML editors. A versatile graphics editor Forget windows Explorer. Makers of Photoshop - the best graphics editor around

HTML 3.2 compliant Netscape is better. No shit. Give me my bookmarks any day. For the final touches in the HTML source Where did that come from? Bandwidth Conservation Society