98 Infantry Division


Overall presence in the Rshew salient area from January ‘42 until March ‘43


I do not have data about the positions of the 98 ID between January 42 and march, but according to other maps 98ID was positioned just around Yuchnov in that period.

At the beginning of April 98ID was holding the line just west of Yuchnov along the Ugra river. The Urga is frozen in that time and the Russians troops can easily cross the river even with tanks. On April 5, 11 and 12 heavy Russian attacks almost annihilate the already thinly manned regiments. The Russians cross the river and take the village of Povlowo. After April 17 the thaw sets in and the river can not be crossed anymore.

On April the 28th high command orders to take back Povlowo this attack fails however, because of the bad condition the division is in. This will lead to a crisis with in the top of the army. And the division commander is ordered to go to Von Küge and explain the failure.

Until the end of June it remains relatively calm in this section of the front and the division is able to refit.

Mid July the Russians start a series of attacks.. On the 19th of August the 98th infantry division is relieved and ordered to move to Wjasma and later to Gzjatsk.


They probably stay here until January 43 to replace south of Gzjatsk until march 43 when they pulled out during the Buffalo movement.


Other locations are unknown to me:

1.42 - 8.42 Juchnow

9.42 - 1.43 Gshatsk

2.42 - 3.43 Wjasma

3 - 43 Spass-Demensk



Die 98. Infanterie-Division

Kampf und Ende der Fränkisch-Sudetendeutschen

Martin Gareis