72 Infanterie Division


Overall presence in Rzhew: from 04-09-42 to march-43. 


On 04-09-42 the 2nd squadron is subordinated under the 129th infantry-division and on 09-09-42 the rest of the 72th ID arrived south east of Subzow.

During operation Mars in Novemeber and December 42 the 72th ID was repositioned just west of Subzow and would remain there untill the buffel-withdraw in march.


On 09.09.1942, the 72nd infantry-division in the middle section in the area southeastward of Subzow was in a heavy defense fight.  Here the opponent in the 2nd half of August obtained a deep break-in south of Subzow and can obtain a nother on 09.09.1942 west of Subzow.  As a mobile division reserve, used in the 161st infantry-division, it was orderd to reallocate the Radfahr-abteilung 72 on the 09th of september1942 around 8.30 to move into a forest piece one and a half kilometer south on Ssuchtina to attack against the broken through Russians.  The 2nd squadron, since the 04.09. subordinated under the 129th infantry-division lies at the forest edge, west of Wekschino in defensed to the East.

The 1st and 3rd squadron arrive against 10.30 in the provision area.  The 4th squadron brings its heavy weapons against 11.15 in position under strong artillery fire.  The start of the attack is posponed to 11.30 . With support of the heavy weapons of the II. /IR 124 the squadrons pull-up to occupy the old HKL.  Due to bad visibility, the attackers can moveup close to the opponents lines near the road Wekschino – Ssuchtina. The Russians are surprised and flee.  So the 1st squadron is able to move toward Kostonossowo and reaches the cliff to the Gostischka-section against 13.30. The 3rd squadron on the other hand had some problems to come forward and losed the connection. This way the attack became impossible to stop.

By the use of artillery fire and by tanks by the opponent on the 3rd squadron, as well as the threat of the left flank the squadron was forced for holding 300 meters northwest befor its goal. The old HKL became was not only reached but a new line was made about 800 meters southeastwards behind the old positions.


The opponent recognizes however the situation and cuts of parts of the 1st squadron of the south, since then the boss of the 1st squadrons Oberleutnant Zander the leader of the 1st platoon lieutenant Kerger and 2 groups are missing.  The 3rd squadron moved over to the old HKL and defends there.  The remainders of the 1st squadron follows at the right wing.  The counterattacks of the enemy are knocked off under heavy losses.  The position is held also during the following night.


The step forward by both squadrons was supported by the heavy weapons of the 4th squadron under lieutenant Viktor lindenmann. By a full artillery hit in the B-place of the squadron lindenmann melder Obergefreiter Wilhelm Uwer and the Schwadronstruppführer, were deadly hit by shell-splinters.  The three soldiers were buried on the soldier cemetery Dubakino.


After a relative easy night on the 11th of september they started a new attack. And on that day the 72. Division, lost Michewo.