6 Panzer division


Overall presence in the Rshew area from mid januari 42 till end of april 42


Arrival in the middle of januari.

Between 28 januari and 05 februari 6 Pzd is south-west of Sytschewka, just west of the railway at the hight of Alexandrino. (Grossmann blaz 38 en IR 11 Fortz. 16 en boek 36 ID)


Around 11 februari they are just north west of Sytschewka. And between 19 februari and 21 februari 6 Pzd secured the front section near Seredan, Wassiljewka and Nikije.


End of march 6 pzd is still near Sytschewka.


From 23.2 to 22.3 they participated in the "snail offensive" to slowly drive the Soviets back away from the area of the rollbahn. During this time they had engagements near Moscherowo, Putschinki, and Kosstino. Then, on 31.3, they attacked and captured Cholminka, Dubowaja, and Maslowo.


The division began departing from there for France on 6.4.42 and the last train departed on 6.5.42.