6 Infanterie Division


Overall presence in the Rshew area from 04 January ‘42 until the beginning of march 1943.


On the 4th of January 6 ID arrives in the area of Gridino


From 21- January till 19 February they are just North-east of Rzhew near Gridino and stay there until July.


On July 09 they move a bit to the west to fill the gap of the removed 110ID 6 ID is at the height of Mutjagino.


On 19-07 6 ID is relieved by 14 ID.


Between 31-07 and 01-08 6ID is aiding the 256ID near Galadchowo until 31-08. The 6 ID is then split up and the regiments are then send towards multiple locations to help out other divisions west of Rzhew North of the Wolga.


On 31-08 IR 58 is moved to the North of Olenino and subordinated with the 253 ID.

On 11-09 IR 58 is relieved and is send again to the north of Rzhew. They will stay here until 15 of august.

During the lull in the battle 6 ID is working on the lines.


After the beginning of the Russian operation “Mars” again 6 ID is split-up and the regiments are sent to multiple sites. IR 18 is send near Ossuga en on 04-12 near Olenino.


On the 18th of January 1943 the division is moved west to Snamenskoje, here they stay until the beginning of march 1943 and then are moved out of the area with the “buffel” movement.


Near Dorogobush they reach the buffel-line.