268 Infanterie Division


Overall presence in the Rshew area from January 42 until March 1943.


Exact locations in January 42 until march 42 i can not confirm with any map. The location of the division between March and May is just north-west of Yuchnow. In September and October 1942 the division is still south of Gshatsk near Macejewo.

In the beginning of the raining season in the end of 1942 and with the first frost the Division was south of Gshatsk near Macejewo. Here the forces of Infantry Regiment 499 could repel the new Russian attacks. But suddenly the Divisions left flank opened up.


At the beginning of January 1943 the situation of the 4th Armee was hopeless. They were along the road Roslawl Juchnow and did not longer have a connection with the 9th army in the north.

The 268 ID had to make this connection again.

Along the road to Gshask the Division attacks north and managed to reconnect and stabilized the front.


In February 43 the division is positioned a bit more north and in March they moved south of Yuchnow. After the Buffel withdraw they toke a position north of Spass-Demensk


1.42 - 10.42 south of Gshatsk and north east of Yuchnow

10.42 - 3.43 Spass-Demensk


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