(scans available)
(N)=new; (U)=used; #=only for a wanted patch; *=special trade
Updated: april 26 2012

Baltimore Emergency Communucation Center (N)
Brandenton Emergency Communications Center
University of Pittsburgh Bradford Campus Police (N)
Bristol Public Safety Officer (TN) (N)
Carver County Jail (MN) (U)
Chino Valley (AZ) Animnal Control (N)
Columbus (GA) (N) 911
D.A.R.E. (N)
Dep of Veterans Affairs USA (N)
Dep of Veterands Affairs USA badge patch (N)
Florida Park Service Dept. of Natural Resources
Glenridge Boro Township,Pub. Safety Fire Division (NJ) (U)
Youth Develoopment Center County of Cuyahoga (N)
Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff's county detention officer
Ministry of Justice Western Australia. (N)
Nat. Peace Off Memorial Day 1997 (N)
Ontario Correctional Services (CAN) (U) 2 sizes
Protection de la Faune -(CAN) (N) very nice
Security Enforcement Agency SST Special Service Team Agent
Solid Security Poland (U)
Virginia State Rifle & Revolver Ass (N)