ICC2006, the International Corewar Convention

The last time we where all together was in 2004. Fizmo had a great meeting at his home, and the people who where there had a blast. Some are even still talking about it!

But, another year has passed, the hill has aged, and so have the coders. I actually missed the last convention, and now I'm trying to make it up to you all with a new convention.

Because I live in Holland, and most redcoders come from either Germany or England it seems like a good place to hold the convention.


Now for the basic ideas (so far, more are very welcome!)
  • Professional look and feel
  • One place for everybody to sleep
  • A good dinner (prepared by me)
  • A good netwerk and computers for everybody
  • Beamer for presentations and show-battles


To give you a idea on what to expect, a preliminairy planning:

  • Corewar tournament (always nice to play)
  • Brainstorming about:
    • Newbies
    • Corewar portal website
    • Warriors/Strategies
  • Presentaions and Workshops
    (want to give one? notify me!)
  • Some culture, a tour to Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Delft
  • Having a drink, fun, games, socializing!
  • Maybe do something very dutch like:
    • A bike-tour?
    • Visit a windmill?
    • Go to a dyke or the delta works?


After some searching and brainstorming I came up with the ideal place for the ICC2006.
In the centre of Holland is a city called Delft, very old and nice, and good accessible (by train). Its between the major cities Amsterdam/Rotterdam and The Hague.

The location costs are just 9,55 per person/per night.
Included is are bathrooms and a fully equiped kitchen.

We want YOU!

Before I can really get to work on the program and location, I would like to know a couple of things from YOU!
  • Are you intrested?
  • When could you go? (I'm planning on summer 2006)
  • Could you make it to Holland?
  • What is about maximum time/money you want to spend here?
  • What do you want to do on the ICC?
    • Games?
    • Sightseeing?
    • Giving/participating in workshops?
    • Socializing?
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Please mail me everything you might want/need to know!

ICC2006 - Roy van Rijn