Sil's Single Emus

last update 1-18-03, UNDER CONSTRUCTION

(A question: Can somebody find me new free webspace).

Sil's Single Emulators are based on the sources of Mame029. I made them because they are fast and extremely small, most of them around 175K-180K. With the romsets they will fit easily on a single disk or in a small subdirectory. Just put the emulator, the csdpmi-file, and the romsets in a directory or on a disk and hey, PLAY!

I made several new encrypted games on PacMan Hardware available for players with low specs machines. Let me know if you want more!

Last new emulators:

PacMan Hearts Bootleg! (UniBox), a rare French bootleg

FHMC PacMan!, for my own advanced PacMan hack

Miss Pack Attack!, the original

Sil's Single Emulators version 2.0
Now 43 games completed, some are online, other's not, it's taking time to upload everything (again!). The original encrypted PacMan Plus Roms and other 'new' encrypted games on PacMan hardware are now supported. These games were never in the source of Mame029, I used the decryption part of the source of Mame034b3.

Last minute notes:
- Speed up cheat is working in the original PacMan Plus
- High Score saving enabled in Lizard Wizard & Mr.TNT

Gyruss is ready too, but it's still so slow. I'm trying to speed things up a little, but there are too many soundchips in the original machine.

Games on PacMan hardware
Game ExecutableSource file
 PacMan (Midway)
 PacMan (Namco)

Other Games
Game ExecutableSource file
 Amidar (US version)
 Crazy Climber (US)
 Crazy Kong (US)
 Frogger on
 Mr. Do!
 Mr. Do Snow!
 Mr. Do Run Run!
 Mr. Do's Wild Ride!

If you use a single emulator in pure 'good old' Dos, like me, you need CSDPMI as well.

(Bonus 1: Some of the single emulators play some variants as well, you could try and find out how that's done.)

(Bonus 2: If you want to play the game mirrorred, try the -FLIPX or the -FLIPY option. I play Frogger that way, hard but fun.)

Coming soon: Don't know really. For me it's interesting to emulate games that never were included in the sources of Mame029. Other new games will be coming, but it will take some time, I'm very busy at the moment, I'm moving to another house shortly.

(Btw: Yes, I know some of the Zip-files are offline, but it's taking time uploading)