FHMC PacMan - Multimap Screen Shots

The Original

1. The Original

Ms.PacMan was here

2. Ms.PacMan was here

Power in the Tunnels

3. Power in the Tunnel

Dangerous Bottom

4. Dangerous Bottom

The Two Crosses

5. The Two Crosses

Ms.PacAttack was here too

6. Ms.PacAttack was here too

New York, New York

7. New York, New York

The Long and Winding Roads

8. The Long and Winding Roads

The Cascades

9. The Cascades

Five Tunnels

10. Five Tunnels

Sil's Coffee Break

11. Sil's Coffee Break

Upside Down Original

12. Upside Down Original

The Invisible Maze

13. The Invisible Maze

Faster Harder and More Challenging PacMan Multimap - copyright by Marcel Silvius
Plays 13 maps with only one Romset!!
All screens - copyright by Marcel Silvius