MythStream Howto

MythStream is an unofficial MythTV plugin that plays Internet audio and video streams. The larger part of MythStream is built around the idea that enjoying streams is more than just playing your favorite streams. There is a whole world of content to explore.

MythStream uses external parsers to connect to stream index sites, playlists, XML feeds and content portals that can be browsed and searched for streams or media files. Support for several sources is included, other sources can be supported by adding parsers in the form of PERL scripts, shell scripts or executables.

Version 0.18_1 demo stream storage

After installing MythStream two demo stream storages (collection of streams) are available. A locally installed ("offline") storage is used to create the default storage in the MythTV database when MythStream is installed for the first time. There is also an online storage that receives demo storage updates between MythStream releases.

The demo storages contain several "folders" visible as tabs. The stream items in the "Interaction" folder use muti-stage parsers to query sites like, and by genre, country etc. The "Video" folder contains stream items returning online video files from Dailymotion and YouTube. The "playlist demo" items in this folder can be used to create playlists. Mark a video (key "M") to include it in the playlist and start the top item.

Press "S" (SPEECH action) to activate the espeak speech synthesizer, if installed. Note the pre-alpha remark here