Frequently Asked Questions



Find below the frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered please contact C4Design.


Where can I buy a Robbe Cessna 152?
Find your local dealer at the Robbe website. Robbe dealers can be found in more than 50 countries!
For any questions about Robbe Dealers contact Robbe by E-mail at

You can also purchase online at the Robbe Website after you have signed up as an "Robbe customer".

 For used planes check the For Sale page on this website.


Can I buy a used Robbe Cessna 152?
Check the For Sale page for the actual products you can buy from C4Design.


Can I get building advice for other models than the Robbe Cessna 152?
C4Design is specialised in Robbe Electric Model Airplanes. For questions about models from other manufactres and about models with non-electric engines please try contact other specialist on the Internet.


What can I buy from C4Design?
Check the For Sale Page for actual offers. Contact C4Design for any other product you wish to purchase.


Where can I get more information?
All the information we have is published on our website. We don't have any additional information available (like catalogues etc..).


What will a Robbe Cessna 152 cost me?
Please check the Budget page.