Robbe gives a detailed building instruction in the German, English and French language.

For a moderate experienced builder in a real hurry, building will take approximately 2 days (including one night break for harding out the glue).

For gluing all the parts together just use ordinary wood- glue. Great advantage of wood-glue is that it will get transparent. A very good glue is the Bison Woodglue (D2).
Special attention should be paid to the nose-wheel-construction. This can be a very weak point when the screws of the steering-rod are not screwed tight enough.

The decals provided by Robbe are sufficient enough to give your plane a nice colourful look. Its however not possible to copy the decoration as shown on the picture on the box, because some decals are missing.

Special note for aerobatic use; use extra rubber bands for the cockpit window to keep the door closed that gives access to the battery compartment. During aerobatic manoeuvres the battery cells will move around in the battery compartment, it should be prevented that they will be thrown out of the plane