::  About

::  Gillespy
(nickname) is autodidact, internet-addict, graphic-designer, music-lover, writer and weebee-artist ;-)
My passion for graphic design and website development started in 1997. I try to create graphic artwork and websites on kind turn.
Spent a lot of time online and browsed many pages to find information and inspiration for self-interest and non-profit sharing.
"You can't always get what you want, but if you try some times, you just might find, you get what you need"

::  So What?

::  So here are some results...

 ::  CD/DVD cover artwork

::  Keith Richards - Head, Heart and Balls [3 cd set]             ::  Ron Wood & Bo Diddley - Live at the Ritz [dvd]
::  More Stones online cover artwork or cont@ct me for rock and blues cd/dvd artwork or a bootleg trading list
::  Head, Heart and Balls is a JackDaniels compilation with coverartwork by G-design, watch also Gillespy's Rolling Stones website

::  Lyrics and Prose

 Bestel G-design
dichtbundels in boekvorm of neem cont@ct met me op

 ::  digARTist

::  Burn - Purple Rainbow                                                 ::  the Worst - Keith Richards                  ::  Sad Beats - Nick Cave

More digARTist work online at http://g-design.magix.net/  or cont@ct me

::  Paintings 

 ::  Purple Rainbow by Gillespy           ::  Paris Texas by Gillespy                                ::  Stones Fans by Gillespy
    painting acryl on canvas 24x30           painting acryl on canvas 30x24 
                                 painting acryl on canvas 24x30

::  Website screenshots

 ::  M.A.M.Agency                  ::  Indian Portraits                  ::  G's Rock Music                ::  Stones in Groningen

::  Photography

 ::  Domestic                         ::  Location                              ::  S-portraits                        ::  Events

 More photo's online at http://www.mijnalbum.nl/ or 
cont@ct me