Monsieur Cannibale

  October 14th 2003,

While listening to the new Jeff Buckley release (the full live at the Sin-E concert) i decided to set up this site. Not with the thought to beat Jeff's masterpiece, but with the thought of making wonderful music just like Jeff, and many others besides Jeff did or do. I'm not sure I am capable of doing that, but at least I can try. It's not about being better than someone else in the first place (at least not for me) I'm doing this because I got to do it.
It feels kinda funny because it's been a while since I let people hear the songs I'd written. But I feel ready for it. I think the funny feeling will stay for a long long time, because i'm used to be surrounded by wonderful musicians to support me, but now i've got to do it all by myself. Okay, the plan is to arrange the music for some other instruments, but in the beginning it will be only me. And I truly hope you'll enjoy it. I really appriciate people their opinions and that is why i also put a section called "Spread Your Word" on my site. Here you can let me hear how much you like, or not like the music that you can hear in the "Music" section on the site. Feel free to download the songs. They are in .wma format so almost every computer is able to play them!
If you've got any questions; feel free to email me at For now, enjoy the music and the site!




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