This homepage is about a friend of mine who asked me if he could use my homepage space as I was not using it. I agreed. So here it is.

Theo Jansen

Theo Jansen is an artist who experiments with evolution. He wrote a computerprogram which displayed small wormlike animals.(see pic.1) These animals have sharp noses which kill the animals coming in front of it. When they touch the flank of an other animal this animal is killed. Animals which have smaller flanks are less vunerable. After a few generations the animals looked like rolled-up worms.(see pic.2)

pic.1 pic.2 
Theo did the same with walking animals. Those who walked a certain distance were allowed to multiply(pic3). So after a few generations the animals with the most efficient way of walking could stay alive(pic3).

After this adventure on the computer he thought of a way to construct an animal from electricity pipes(pic4,5).
These animals move on the wind. On their back they have a kind of windcatcher that are attached to the legs(pic6).

These artificial animals will some day in the vision of Theo walk the beaches of Holland .By walking around they move the sand and inso doing, maintain the dunes(pic7).

To see a color image of the Animaris Sabulosa click here.

To order the video you can e-mail to:strandbeest@hotmail.comTheo Jansen lives and works in Delft. 

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