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De Samson en Gert webring voor iedereen die plezier beleeft aan Samson en Gert.

The Samson and Gert webring for everybody who likes the belgian comedians Samson and Gert.


The WebRing !

A webring allows sites with similar content to group together by linking them in a virtual circle (or ring). Interested visitors can move from one Samson en Gert site to the next with the simple click of a button. The Samson en Gert WebRing is comprised of sites created by Samson en Gert enthusiasts, breeders, owners, and friends. This diverse community has been created to encompass all aspects of the dogs we know and love.


How does it work?

Once in the Samson en Gert WebRing, clicking on items will send you exploring another page in the ring.

See example below

How do I join?

If you have a Samson en Gert page and would like to add your site in to the webring, fill out the application form below. Please note: all pages must contain content with is directly related to Samson en Gerts. No sites will be accepted which are not suitable for viewing by children (no profanity or adult material, please). The appropriate HTML code will be sent to all applicants, and must be inserted into the applicant's web page.

Step 1
Save graphics below (they are used as the webring logo ). If you are using an IBM compatible computer, you can save the graphics by right clicking on them, then choosing the Save Image As option. If you are a Mac person, click and hold until you get the Save Image As option.

Step 2
Fill out the application form below. Be sure to note your password (you may want it later!). Submitting the application will place you in the Samson en Gert WebRing queue, not in the actual ring (that will take place later).

Step 3
After you fill out the application, your site will be in the ring queue, and you will receive an e-mail with a chunk of HTML code, and your site ID number. Copy and paste the code into your main site page (or whatever page you want webring visitors to first see). The code contains the actual links to create The Samson en Gert WebRing, and it's very important you copy it exactly.

Step 4
Once your page is in the queue, e-mail the ringmaster (acmeer@caiw.nl ) and ask to be added. Include your Site ID number in your message! Once your page has been checked to make sure the code is installed and working properly, your site will be added into the ring.


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